Why Dyson vacuum cleaners are worth the purchase

Why Dyson vacuum cleaners are worth the purchase

Dyson Limited is a British company that was established in 1991. The company has made a name for itself manufacturing home appliances and as the company logo states, it is technology that’s engineered to last. When it comes to Dyson, the range of hi-tech appliances the company has developed for use in public spaces, residences, and work environments is comprehensive. Designed with productivity and comfort in mind, the entire range of Dyson products all uniformly aim to improve the experiences of the people using them.

There are more than 30 different kinds of Dyson vacuum cleaners, in particular, and these are made in four variants: cordless, uprights, canisters, and handhelds. Ordinarily, it is the filter that is the most important component of a vacuum cleaner, and the company claims that Dyson vacuum cleaner filters remove dust particles with 99.97% effectiveness.

Emerging high on popularity ratings now is the superior bagless vacuum cleaners from the Dyson brand. As the name suggests, these vacuum cleaners do not use vacuum cleaner bags to collect the dust in. Specializing in bagless vacuums such as the canister, upright or cordless vacuum models, this one of a kind Dyson cyclone captures more dirt and debris than regular cleaners and in addition, does not lose its strong suction capacity either. The cordless vacuums from Dyson have the advantage of the absence of long cords that tend to trip and restrict movement and need to be rolled up for storage. Operated with batteries, periodic charging between cleanings is sufficient for it to provide a clean, healthy space.

When compared to the Roomba 700 series, the newly introduced Dyson 360 eye robot vacuums are not light or small but are super efficient. Able to clean all spaces effectively with its super strong suction cups, the Dyson 360 eye makes up for its bulky size with a systematic cleaning process, while the Roomba 700 has the advantage of extended battery life to it. With regard to ease of cleaning, maintenance, and pricing, the Roomba 700 series wins over Dyson’s 360 Eye. The superior technology in the Dyson 360 eye, in turn, scores better because it can be controlled remotely with your smartphone.

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