Two popular brands for commercial freezers

Two popular brands for commercial freezers

Commercial freezers are used to keep the food frozen and fresh for use in professional kitchens. Usually having the capacity to store hundreds or thousands of kilos of stock inside, these freezers need to be in optimum working condition to prevent the food from rotting, thus saving the kitchen its money and reputation in the long run. If you are looking to buy a commercial freezer for your kitchen, here are two reputable brands you can consider choosing from.

Traulsen is one of the best brands for refrigerators and commercial freezers. The Traulsen brand chillers, refrigerators, and freezers make use of a unique cyclonic airflow technology to keep their contents cool. This technology uses multiple blowers placed inside the cooling units to provide a steady and constant distribution of air throughout the unit.

Traulsen also makes use of the evolving computer and sensor technology in its cooling units. The units are fitted with INTELA-TRAUL® microprocessor, which provides precise temperature control settings to these units, irrespective of how many times you open and close them. This helps in keeping the food inside a large chest freezer fresh for longer periods and prevents bacterial growth, thus reducing food-borne illnesses. Most of Traulsen’s commercial cooling units also come with digital interfaces to allow you to control the settings from a touchscreen attached to the door of the unit.

A division of the renowned United Brands, Rendall Commercial Refrigerators has over 35 years of experience in the professional refrigeration industry. The company makes commercial freezers and refrigerators of all shapes and sizes.

The cooling units manufactured by the company are known for their energy efficiency with the help of insulation made of 2.5 inches or more of CFC-free polyurethane. These units also make use of FX series unit that allows them to maintain their temperatures accurately for a long period. This is what makes Randell’s commercial freezers one of the best options for storing delicate foods like red meat and fish.

If you are looking to buy commercial freezers for your kitchen, choose from these two brands, which happen to be the best when it comes to manufacturing energy-efficient and highly-reliable cooling units.

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