Top 3 deals on used washing machines

Top 3 deals on used washing machines

Shoppers can find endless deals on used washing machines. Several stores offer deals of the week, price cuts of 25%, price match guarantees, discounted washers, etc.

Willie’s Appliances, American Appliances, and Sears outlets are some of the places where you can find sales on used washing machines. If you’re looking for used washing machines on sale, here are our top three picks:

  • A clean and inspected silver colored Electrolux washer is available for a price of around $329.99 on It has four temperature settings, ten cycle options, and is sparingly used. This front load washing machine has high-efficiency.
  • You can find a used white 4.3 Cu. Ft. Whirlpool Cabrio top load washer on This device has a stainless steel washing basket. You can get a discount of 40% on it. It is in excellent condition and is worth the price. It costs $749.99 approximately.
  • On, you can find a 2016 LG 4.5 Cu. Ft., ultra large, 27″ front-load washer. This model comes with an ENERGY STAR Most Efficient mark. Available for a price of $629 approximately, this washer features nine wash cycles, three different speeds, five temperature settings, a NeveRust™ stainless steel drum, an on-door electronic control panel with LED display, and a four tray soap dispenser. This machine can automatically adjust the water level according to the size of the load.

Whichever used washing machine you choose, you must make sure that a mechanic inspects it carefully. Additionally, it is better to purchase a refurbished washing machine from a used appliances seller than buying one from private individuals. A refurbished used washing machine is offered on sale only after the seller inspects, cleans, repairs, and maybe repaints it. Some stores also include a decent warranty and deliver the product to your doorstep. Thus, it is much better than paying a lower price for the machine and then spending more money on its delivery and maintenance.

Tackle your laundry with the help of an efficient washing machine. Get a good deal on a refurbished product that suits your requirement and budget. Visit a used appliances store near you to check out the products and avail of low prices.

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