Things to take note of while making your first work bench

Things to take note of while making your first work bench

All set to make your very own garden workbench for the very first time? Here are some points you need to keep in mind when designing and crafting your dream workbench, which will remain your staunch companion for most, if not all, of your gardening days.

  • Use just two vises for the job
    There are a lot of gardeners who opt to set up a vice on each corner of the bench. In addition to being a cumbersome task, this is a very ineffective procedure that will only delay your project. Stick to one or two vices (in most cases, a face vise and a tail vise will do) and you will be able to complete the workbench sooner.
  • Choose the correct height for the bench
    The right height for a bench would be a number between the waist and the thigh. If you are unsure of the height, make the workbench a few inches taller than the number you choose and then cut down the legs to the required height.
  • Keep it simple and neat
    Consider making a simple workbench that is designed just to do its job. As you adapt to furniture making, you can think of adding extra elements like swinging work surfaces, sliding compartments, and hidden storage boxes. For now, follow the mantra “neat and simple” to get the job done effectively.
  • Choose the right tools for the job
    Keep in mind that you would want to use the right tools for specific tasks while designing and building your garden workbench. For instance, if you plan to laminate the work surface, you will need a planer as well as a powered jointer for the same purpose as opposed to doing the work by hand. The toolset you need to get depends on the specific design you have chosen for the bench. So do some research before buying the tools for the job.

Keeping these essential tips in mind will allow you to focus more clearly on the job at hand and let you create a great workbench for your garden.

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