Six immensely popular types of Polywood tables

Six immensely popular types of Polywood tables

Polywood furniture is the new fad in the furniture industry. Blended from a mix of foaming compounds, process additives, thermoformed plastics, and UV-inhibited pigment systems, Polywood lumber is sturdy and visually amiable.

There are all sorts of furniture pieces made using Polywood lumber, ranging from tables and chairs to insulated shutters. In this article, we’ll restrict ourselves to the six most popular types of tables made from Polywood lumber.

  • Bar table
    Manufactured from 90% recycled plastic Polywood furniture, bar tables are the most popular tables prepared using Polywood lumber. The recycled material used for preparing these tables grants them the ability to disallow absorbing spills, hence making them weather resistant.
  • Coffee table
    Often combined with Adirondack chairs, a coffee table made using Polywood lumber is ideal to indulge in a nice coffee conversation with your near and dear ones. These tables can also be paired with sofas to enjoy a lovely sitting in an indoor setting.
  • Conversation table
    Sturdy and available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, conversation table is one of the most popular Polywood furniture products. These tables are ideal for enjoying books, beverage, snacks, etc., in any outdoor setting.
  • Counter table
    Counter tables are considered opportune for creating ideal outdoor bistro sets. There are several color and style options available to choose from. Depending on the size, a counter table can host up to eight people at once.
  • Dining table
    Enjoy having a nice dinner with your friends and family with Polywood dining tables. These tables are perfect to be coupled with armchairs, Adirondack chairs, and dining chairs to enjoy a nice banquet.
  • Side table
    Looking for the perfect furniture accessory to stack all your books or beverages? Try side tables made from Polywood lumber. Available in a number of size and color variants, these Polywood furniture products are apt to be combined with chairs to fill in the vacancy for a study table.

Tables made using Polywood lumber have several advantages. They are heavy-duty, available in several sizes and styles, and are made from recycled plastic. So, add Polywood tables to your home décor for a tranquil appearance.

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