Regime to clean wooden floors

Regime to clean wooden floors

Wooden floors have a beautiful appeal and they can remain safe only when they have been cared for properly, failing which they can easily lose their shine and start eroding. While cleaning them may seem like high maintenance to keep the wooden floors free of grime and dirt, establishing a routine ensures a healthy maintenance regime for the life of those floors.

Do the following four routines around the scheduled clock and then those wooden floors will never seem like hard work ever.

Daily schedule
Make it a routine to give the wooden floors a good dusting with either a microfiber cloth or mop. This will ensure that the surface does not get scratched and remain clean because microfiber traps any form of dirt or fine household allergens with its static electricity. However, even a good old broom sweep will ensure that the surface is clean, the only risk being dirt getting pushed around most often. Ensure to not lift the mop or keep hitting it hard on polished surfaces as that can cause scratches and may not effectively pick up dirt.

Weekly schedule
While everyday cleaning of wooden floors ensures that regular dust that is visible is picked up, having a weekly vacuum or mopping session with the floors ensures that the hidden spaces beneath the furniture, corners or cracks between the wooden panels also get cleaned. When using vacuums, make sure to turn off the beater bar and drag the wheels lightly on the floor to avoid any damage or scratches. In the case of mops, remember that water on wood is a bad idea, so only mist the floors with a tested wooden floor cleaner that will gently polish the wood and not affect the inherent chemicals.

Polishing and deep cleaning
Polish only once in a few months and deep clean once in two-three years to maintain the sturdiness of the wooden floors. While a simple polish can ensure that the protective surface of the wood is renewed, the latter helps to replace the worn out surface and provide a new protective coat.

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