Reason to choose Tempur pillows

Reason to choose Tempur pillows

Everyone likes the idea of hitting the bed after a day’s hard work. Sleep rejuvenates the body which helps to face the travails of another day. A good pillow can improve your sleep as it positions the body well. A pillow that is either too high or too low or simply made of hard materials can hinder a restful sleep. Tempur pillow is a must buy accessory when a good night‘s sleep is what you want. It is the perfect pillow for any kind of sleeping position. The pillow provides ample support to the shoulders, neck, and head which aligns them with the spine and relaxes the muscles to provide dreamy sleep. Tempur pillows are treated to provide an allergen barrier so they resist dust mites and are doubly beneficial for sensitive people.

The material which makes up Tempur was developed as a result of research by NASA for astronauts to cushion them during a lift off. This material that came about from the research evenly distributes weight and pressure and was later on perfected for sleep. Manufactured by Tempur-pedic International, Inc, Tempur pillows are made from viscoelastic foam which rebounds less than traditional memory foam thus absorbing motion. They are filled with Patent Tempur material micro-cushions which make the pillows fluffy and won’t flatten them out even after frequent use. The pillows come with a 100% cotton cover which is available in medium, soft, extra soft feel and are washable too. A wide range of ergonomic designs is available to suit different sleeping positions and preferences such as:

  • Original Tempur which provides therapeutic sleep
  • Millennium Tempur with a curved edge to help align your neck when you sleep on your back
  • Symphony Tempur which is a softer pillow for back or side sleepers
  • Classic Tempur with a traditional pillow shape that provides comfort
  • Sonata Tempur with a soft comfort for sleepers who frequently change sleeping positions
  • Ombracio Tempur with a unique shape allows easy breathing for those who sleep on the stomach

Others like a neck pillow, all-purpose pillow, contour side to a back pillow, lumbar support pillow and more Tempur pillows are also available for every unique requirement.

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