Quick guide to installing a heat pump

Quick guide to installing a heat pump

During winters, if you have to brave the freezing temperatures and are looking for heating solutions, then mounting a heat pump is advised. A majority of the homeowners are not experienced in installing heat pumps and they can avail the services of technicians for help. Only if you have expertise in the field, then you can conduct the DIY project on your own. Also, if you are proficient in setting up the appliances, then your overall heat pump installation costs are relatively lower as there is no need to incur expenses on labor services. Some steps that are required as part of the heat pump installation process are mentioned below:

The first step is to mount the condenser at the outdoors of your home. The second step is to install the air handler within 30 feet of the condenser for facilitating the release of hot or cold air in the room. Thereafter, the condenser and the air handler should be connected. You can also cover the wires with a plastic case so they are not seen. The last step entails making sure that all the connections are in place before putting a cover on the inner and outer units.

Apart from the condenser and heat pump, the other equipment that is required for installing a heat pump includes cable tie, hammer, pliers, hole saw (minimum 1/2 inch), tape, level, and wire stripper. If performing the job on your own, then be sure to add the costs of these tools when calculating your overall heat pump installation costs.

Heat pumps are effective mechanisms for spreading heat or cold uniformly in homes and require electricity for their operation. Also, they rate higher in energy efficiency as compared to boilers or furnaces and serve as economical solutions for your heating or cooling needs. They can make spaces warmer during winter and cooler during summer by causing either a rise or fall in the room temperature. For the benefit that you gain by mounting these appliances, the heat pump installation costs are totally worth their price.

The heat pump installation costs are known to be steep. You may have to cough up approximately $5000 for equipping your house with these appliances.

On a concluding note, you must be aware that due to the complexities pertaining to heat pump installation, the homeowners are not advised to do the job. If you are not sure, then just call upon the experts and breathe easy.

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