Pros and cons of composite decking

Pros and cons of composite decking

Composite decks are made from recycled wood scraps and are considered to be eco-friendly. If you like to avail the service of professional for doing this task there are some professionals in the field, including Trex composite decking.

The composite decking comes in a range of wood colors and service providers, including Trex composite decking, can provide this service at minimal charges.

Composite decking services provided by firms like Trex composite decking have certain advantages in the form that these need less maintenance than wood decks, are usually made from recycled material, are durable and long-lasting, and will not rot away easily. Leading composite decking service providers, including Trex composite decking, claim that most of the plastic used by them comes from plastic shopping bags and that they do not use virgin wood in the manufacturing process.

Another distinctive advantage of composite decking is that it requires less maintenance and is by far more appealing. It can be easily cleaned with help of a good scrub and is also free from mold.

There are certain drawbacks of composite decking that make it less popular. Composite decking does not come cheap, and it has been observed that its cost varies from $2.50 to $3.50 per linear foot. While it is true that composite decking does not rot away, it is also not completely safe from any kind of damages that might occur with time.

Debris from any passing away storm is likely to damage the composite decking more as compared to traditional wooden furniture. It is also not possible to refinish the composite decking completely. The damaged plank has to be replaced completely to get rid of the problem.

Composite decking also is prone to fading away with time and composite decking manufacturers, including Trex composite decking, have come up with solutions to this issue with some amount of success.

If you are among those who can spend some quality money on enhancing the look of the home and cannot devote much time for its maintenance, composite decking would be the best option for you to try.

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