Metal vs. wooden bed frame – Which one should you choose

Metal vs. wooden bed frame – Which one should you choose

Bedroom furniture must be chosen after much consideration as bedrooms are the place to take solace after a long tiring day, and anything but comfort is least preferred. Preferences and needs are the two things that decide on furniture. While you buy a bed, along with size and comfort, you ought to look for the bed frame as well.

Often an ignored aspect, bed frames are the skeleton of a bed and must be sturdy and strong enough to offer support. Bed frames can either be made of wood or metal. While both wooden and metal bed frames are widely popular, they do vary based on certain features, looks, and price. An informed purchase is essential to use the frame for an extended period.

Know about wooden frames
Mahogany, oak, maple, pine, and cherry are a few common kinds of wood used to make wooden bed frames. Wooden frames are generally perceived to give a classy and natural appearance. The color of the frame depends on the nature of the wood, and though you may think there wouldn’t be many designs in wooden frames, the fact is otherwise.

You can find intricately designed classic and elegant pieces, with or without a headboard. You may choose a frame with shelves if you prefer a few books stacked on the headboard. Slightly on the expensive side, the wooden frames need maintenance to avoid pest hazards.

Know about metal frames
Stylish and modern are the words that can explain the appearance of metal bed frames. Highly versatile and inexpensive, metal bed frames are available in almost any color and design. If you are an antique lover, you can find hand-made wrought iron frames. These frames are sturdy, solid, can withstand weight, and are quite a popular choice for children’s room as the frame can be painted in any color of the child’s choice and can sport their favorite theme as well.

To wrap up, if you love the classic appearance and do not mind maintenance overheads, then wooden frames are for you. On the contrary, if you prefer less-maintenance, more-stylish, and more-efficient frames, metal bed frames can be the best bet.

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