How to pick a commercial espresso coffee machine

How to pick a commercial espresso coffee machine

Today, different types of commercial espresso coffee machines are available in the market. It may be tricky to find the right one for your business. Additionally, buying the right espresso coffee machine depends on a variety of factors such as the size of your business, the type of brew, additional features, budget, etc.

The most important question that businesses have is the cost of a commercial espresso coffee machine. These prices vary based on the types of features. Some devices are simple, while others can perform complicated functions. Some commercial espresso machines are also equipped to grind, brew, steam, add flavors, etc. While a basic model will start at around $1000, a high-end, state-of-the-art model can cost more than $40,000. If you want to get the best coffee maker for your business, you should get an estimate from different commercial coffee machine makers and compare the models that they offer.

The pricing of a commercial coffee maker depends on the type of tasks that machine is equipped to complete. The price would also depend on the number of cups that the device can brew in an hour or a day. A commercial espresso coffee machine that has the brewing capacity to cater to large crowds instantaneously will cost more than smaller devices that have limited output.

Businesses also have the option to lease commercial espresso coffee machines and the price for this ranges from $12 to $100 per week. Leasing companies also offer maintenance and upgrade facilities, as well as an ownership option at the end of the lease period. All of these factors make leasing these devices quite convenient for businesses.

However, any business owner must ask themselves some basic questions before buying a commercial coffee machine. Some of these questions are – What services are included? What happens if a machine breaks down during business hours? Does the manufacturer offer round-the-clock service and maintenance? What is the return or upgrade policy of the manufacturer? What are the temperature and proportion controls available? Can a business customize the device’s display as per their needs?

Answering these questions can help a business owner pick the best commercial espresso coffee machine.

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