Four popular iRobot Roomba to choose from

Four popular iRobot Roomba to choose from

With the advent of vacuum cleaners, housecleaning has become rather easy. However, even after some time, it appeared to be tedious as the vacuum cleaners had to be manually operated. With the advancement in technology, the iRobot Roomba was invented to ease the manual work of vacuuming places.

They are circular floor-hugging cleaners that don’t need human intervention to perform their task. If you are considering getting one such robotic vacuum, below is a list of some of the best discount iRobot Roomba vacuum deals that you should grab immediately.

980 Robot Vacuum
Considered to be the most efficient and the latest version of the 690 model, this robot vacuum from iRobot Roomba comes for around $799. It is packed with all features that robot cleaners are known for. From providing multi-room coverage to special adaptive navigation qualities, it cleans the house like a professional.

960 Robot Vacuum
Available for around $699, this can be another great discount Roomba deal for iRobot Roomba lovers. It comes with a filter that is highly efficient. It cleans around 99% of all allergens, particles, and pollen that are as small as 10 microns. This smart vacuum works excellently for the hard-to-reach corners.

652 Robot Vacuum
Available for around $652, this iRobot Roomba vacuum works excellently on wood and carpets as well. Featuring a cleaning head that is auto-adjustable and automatically adapts its height according to the surface it comes in contact with, the dirt-detect sensors it comes with makes it another wise buy for smart cleaning appliance lovers.

614 Robot Vacuum
This vacuum comes with a home-based charging station and one extra filter. This iRobot Roomba vacuum is available for only around $200, which not only makes it affordable but also a smart purchase. Though it may not support the smart-home connecting option, the price and presence of all other features make it one of the best Roomba deals.

With built-in sensors to detect barriers inside the house, a sensation to catch the dirtiest corner of the room, and recognize a descent down the stairs in order to prevent its own falling, there is no doubt about why more and more people are opting for the iRobot Roomba. When you can get the best discounts, Roomba vacuum cleaners become your best bet!

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