Features to look for before buying restaurant chairs

Features to look for before buying restaurant chairs

Restaurant chairs are comfortable and stylish seating options when dining at restaurants, bars, bistros or other public eating places. These are available in a variety of options like wood, metal, resin etc., and can suit different decors. A pub needs a bar stool, an upscale restaurant will require a plush seating, whereas a cafe that is short on space will necessitate folding chairs. Wide arrays of features like those given below have to be sorted to arrive at the best type of restaurant chairs to invest in.

  • Material: Restaurant furniture speaks a lot about the kind of restaurant you own because of the material it is made of. Wooden chairs or chairs with exposed wood convey a feeling of warmth or welcome. Metal chairs create coldness and are noisy. Some chairs are a mix of various elements, creating an interesting visual.
  • Comfort: A crucial factor in restaurant seating is the comfort of the chair. However, the size of the seat and the height of the back are two important features. The smallest seats are used in cafes, while larger types are used in fine dining or country clubs. The height of the back is important for comfort as well as design aesthetics.
  • Quality: The ideal restaurant chairs for use in commercial establishments should have three essential features – good and strong joints, commercial grade finish, and ability to withstand commercial wear and tear.
  • Brand creation: Before deciding on the type of restaurant chair, keep in mind the image that you want to project about the restaurant. People come to a place not only to eat, but also to experience the whole package of decor, seating, and ambiance.
  • Flooring: One might wonder what flooring has got to do with a restaurant chair. But it does have an impact. When a chair is not able to glide smoothly on the restaurant floor, it affects the joints of the chair and makes an irritating noise. Wood floors require felt tip glides on the chair. Carpeted floors require nickel plated glides or plastic ones. These days, nylon glides are being used, which are stronger and last longer.

Budgets do limit available options, but be sure to factor in the quality of finish, type of fabric, size of a chair etc., and go for one that is tested for commercial use.

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