Bestselling heat pumps from innovative manufacturers

Bestselling heat pumps from innovative manufacturers

There are more than 70 different brands of heat pumps on the market with more than 500 variants, and getting to pick one out the rest can get more than a little tricky. Each heat pump manufacturer has their own unique model that captures the interests of their customers. Some of the top rated heat pump models attested by a majority of homeowners are as listed below:

Lenox XP25
This is one of the best-selling heat pumps that has been rated as the most efficient model for 2017 by Energy Star. This model is a heat pump with variable capacity and has been rated the best as it can maintain the set temperature accurately within half a degree.

Coleman LX
Select models within this product line are Energy Star qualified and equipped with a single stage scroll compressor. This series is built with a rigid top panel, sound blanket, and a swept wing fan blade that helps keep the operating noise in control, and the compressor is protected by the filter drier and the high-pressure relief valve.

Comfortmaker Performance
This single-stage heat pump has both high- and low-pressure switches, dual fuel capability that is attuned with the furnace and thermostat, and a filter drier system that protects the pump. This model is weather protected with its galvanized steel cage which has a baked on powder coat.

Coleman Echo
This Energy Star rated heat pump has earned the Most Efficient Label for 2017 award for its HC20 model. Equipped with the Echelon Residential Communication Control, the heat pump can be controlled via remote and the vibrations are completely silenced with its Whisper Drive comfort system that is built on composite base and a swept wing fan.

York LX
This compactly designed heat pump increases the flexibility for installation and is equipped with noise control owing to the swept-wing fan design, isolated mounted compressor, and a covering rigid top panel. Additionally, this heat pump also has high- and low-pressure switches to protect the unit compressor.

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