All you need to know about Nectar mattresses

All you need to know about Nectar mattresses

According to the reviews of several customers, Nectar’s mattresses are quite comfortable. Their ultra-dense foam structure and balanced support levels make them a favorite with several people. Nectar’s mattresses are manufactured and designed with a woven fabric, a unique breathing airflow, and traditional memory foam based on years and years of innovation in sleep technology. Customers have praised this mattress company for never failing to provide a comfortable night of sleep.

Nectar’s mattresses use a unique cooling system that stands apart from its competitors’ products due to its top layer of exceptional gel memory foam with a Tencel-instilled quilted cover. This feature also ensures that Nectar’s mattresses sustain the freshness of a new mattress for a long time. Thus, users are guaranteed to have a restful and therapeutic sleeping experience.

While most mattress manufacturers produce products with various levels of firmness, Nectar focuses only on the medium firm levels. Extensive research has also shown that the most common preference is between five to seven on the firmness scale, and Nectar’s mattresses rate somewhere between 5.5 to 7.5 on this firmness scale. Customers of Nectar’s mattresses claim that this product is perfect as their bodies sink into the foam and it hugs their body’s contours because of its high-density foam structure. This feature also contributes to the longevity of the mattress.

However, according to the reviews of several customers, a common drawback of Nectar mattresses is that its response time is slow. So, many of them complain about facing minor interruptions while changing their positions in their sleep. Nectar mattresses lag by several seconds compared to its competitors, and they have been trying to bridge that gap so that the light sleepers can sleep better at night.

Despite this little concern, reviews have shown that Nectar mattresses are great for those people who like to lie on their backs, stomachs, or side for a prolonged duration because it effectively combines a one-inch gel memory foam quilted cover with a three-inch layer of comfort memory foam.

Nectar also provides a 365-day trial period and a lifetime warranty. No other mattress company provides these facilities. Thus, anyone who is looking for a new mattress should check out this company’s products.

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