A comparison between freestanding and built-in kitchen appliances

A comparison between freestanding and built-in kitchen appliances

If you are a proud owner of a brand new kitchen or are planning to remodel your existing one to suit your family’s growing and differing needs, then where do you start? Of course, the frequent meetings with an architect or a contractor are indispensable. However, much before that, you might have dreamed of a special design for this most important room in the house—the kitchen—that you tend to use not just to cook your meals in but also as the nerve center for the family to gather and share their frame of mind every day.

The design of your kitchen would depend on whether you want freestanding or built-in appliances lined up around the room to enable you to display your creativity and whip up special delicacies. The finest brands in the industry have both options readily available for you to select from. While both sets of kitchen appliances have their own advantages and disadvantages such as available space in the kitchen layout, the budget you can afford, and the kind of lifestyle you lead, all make an impact on your decision. Here are a few points to get you started.

Advantages of freestanding kitchen appliances

  • They are much more affordable than built-in appliances
  • Initial installation and changing them after they are worn out are simpler and easier than the effort required for the same with built-in appliances
  • Since they have finished sides, these can be placed anywhere in the kitchen initially and when you want to rearrange/remodel the kitchen. They can be moved to a different home too.
  • Freestanding dishwashers and cooking ranges come in a variety of sizes that fit in small areas.

Disadvantage of freestanding kitchen appliances

  • The appearance of the space is not as seamless as it is with built-in kitchen appliances.

Advantages of built-in kitchen appliances

  • The look of a modern kitchen is achieved with built-in kitchen appliances because the fit, flush, and custom panels for kitchen appliances seamlessly merge with the surrounding cabinets.
  • Built-in kitchen appliances come with advanced features and have a longer lifespan as compared to freestanding models.

Disadvantage of built-in kitchen appliances

  • Built-in appliances are fixed permanently in the kitchen, so repositioning/relocating them are not possible.

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