Guide to buying the perfect sofa

Guide to buying the perfect sofa

Conducting research before you buy furniture can save you money and can help you choose a product that fits your needs. With the right purchasing decision, a sofa is a piece of furniture that can last for a long time. Read on to know some important aspects related to the sofa.

Quality and purpose
A good quality sofa is sturdy and you won’t be able to feel the frame through the padding. Particularly, when you intend to purchase one through a sofa sale, checking the quality is imperative.

Sofas vary in design depending on their intended purpose. Choosing a sofa that fits your home décor and living room size will increase the aesthetic appeal. Several types exist from modern, traditional and contemporary. A few serve as recliners or sleeping beds as well.

Wood is most preferred, stronger and durable and gives a natural look. Metal furniture is also strong but may bend with usage. Made of composite wood materials, particleboard is weak, less durable and inexpensive. It is best to wait for a sofa sale to make an economical purchase.

Frame assembly
There are two kinds of assembly predominantly used. The stapled frame assembly where staples hold the pieces is inexpensive but aren’t durable. Their counterpart, double dowel assembly has double dowels that are either screwed or glued together and these offer better quality and durability.

Cushions decide the comfort quotient. The most expensive and the most comfortable among the seating cushions are the down cushions that are filled with goose down. Filled with high-density foam is the next expensive variant that holds the shape longer. Less expensive and less durable, low-density foam tends to flatten quickly. Hybrid cushions, a combination of foam and down, offers the best of both.

You can opt for a removable pillow back that is easy to clean or the tight back where the cushion is sewn onto the frame. The upholstery can be either leather or fabric. While the former is durable, the latter is easy to maintain.

Now that you have all the information, you are one step ahead in making your choice, and if you look for sofas online, you can buy one on a sale at an incredible price.

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