5 types of room dividers for your studio apartment

5 types of room dividers for your studio apartment

For bachelors, studio apartments are a perfect choice as they are budget-friendly. However, one should keep in mind that organizing sections of the house for varying purposes is a difficult task. If you’re renting the studio apartment, then you cannot make any permanent alterations to its structure. So, room dividers are the best choice to organize your living space and make it manageable. You can buy room dividers online or at any store that stocks office furniture or rolling desks.

Here are five different types of room dividers that you can use in your studio apartment:

Curtain dividers
You can separate your living space into different rooms or sections with curtains or mandala tapestries. Drape colorful fabrics on simple rods. These are easy to open and cool enough to give a different look to your apartment.

Moreover, these are not costly. You can purchase large sized painters cloth for affordable prices, and hang it off rods for a quick set-up.

Free standing walls
It can be challenging to divide a big room into different sections for varying purposes. For creating a private room within your living space, as well as for some additional storage, you can get a three-sided standing wall which backs up your bed. It is the perfect room divider for larger studio apartments. With this type of room dividers, you can use one side as your bedroom and the other one as covered storage.

Bookcase dividers
These days, bookcases can not only store your books, but these can also be used as innovative room dividers that add architectural value to your home. Open bookcases with no backs are lightweight, whereas standard ones are heavy, which makes them better for providing privacy. With bolted bookshelves, one can block off a portion of the bedroom as per their needs.

Screen dividers
Bookcases aren’t a flexible choice. If you want flexible and lighter-looking room dividers for your flat, room screens are an excellent idea. These screens are moveable as well as colorful. They add an unusual and exotic look to a room. You can hang these room dividers from the ceiling. You can also purchase paneled, colorful ones with photographs, miniature paintings or fabric detailing. You can personalize these traditional room dividers and decorate it in different ways.

Panel systems
If you need extended room dividers, you can use panel systems on the window portions to divide the room. It lends a modern and tech-savvy look to the apartment. Moreover, it is quite functional as well. You can cover up the kitchen space or the bedroom area with these room dividers as these don’t block the light completely.

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