4 types of commercial freezers to choose from

4 types of commercial freezers to choose from

Freezer manufacturers across the country offer many commercial freezer models to cater to the needs of diverse customers. Here is an overview of the various types of commercial freezers available and the kind of usage they are designed for.

Commercial grade freezers
These are useful for those who wish to store large volumes of perishables, especially in the context of running a restaurant or in a supermarket or frozen foods store. The choice of the commercial freezing unit would depend on the space available, the nature of goods to be stored, and the ease of access.

Large chest freezers
As the name implies, these freezers have a huge space to store large quantities of foods. The storage space in a large chest freezer is also especially useful in storing foods that occupy more space, such as large joints of meat. On the flip side, owing to their bulk, large chest freezers are not ideal for a small kitchen or room and also, most models do not come with frost-free options.

Walk-in coolers and freezers
These are essentially large and enclosed storage spaces that are maintained at temperatures between 35 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Walk-in coolers and freezers usually, occupy up to 3000 square feet of space and are commercially available from several sellers. Walk-in coolers and freezers may be used to store very large quantities of foods, chemical, certain prescription drugs, vaccines, meat, fruits, and vegetables. The operating cost of walk-in coolers and freezers depends on the size of the refrigerated unit.

Upright freezers
These are refrigeration units that are designed to stand taller vertically so as to minimize the use of floor space. These upright freezers are recommended for use in smaller spaces. The provision of shelving allows you to arrange things neatly and access them with ease from an upright freezer. When compared to a deep chest freezer, in which small items may require some searching, the upright freezer offers convenience and space saving benefits. Among the best upright freezers available include the Whirlpool small upright freezer, as well as freezing units from GE, Haier, Amana, Maytag®, and Kenmore.

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