4 popular KitchenAid mixer accessories and attachments

4 popular KitchenAid mixer accessories and attachments

KitchenAid offers a collection of kitchen accessories and mixer attachments, such as KitchenAid mixer attachments for ice creams. These help people try out new and interesting recipes.

Here are some KitchenAid accessories currently available in the market.

KGSSA stand mixer attachment set
Available for a price of around $200, this is a complete set of various mixer attachments and accessories which will fulfill the varied needs of cooking enthusiasts. Offering a perfect fit for any type of household stand mixers by KitchenAid, this set contains a slicer, food grinder, shredder, and a sausage stuffer for both coarse and finely chopped food items.

KICA0WH Ice Cream Maker Attachment
Meant for KitchenAid tilt-head mixers, this attachment is ideal for making around 2 quarts of gelato, ice cream, or sorbet in less than half an hour. This KitchenAid ice cream attachment is not only easy to clean but is also dishwasher safe. Its dasher rotates inside the bowl flawlessly. So, one can scrape, spread, and mix the contents thoroughly.

KSM2FPA food processor attachment
Priced at around $250, this food processor cum dicing attachment for KitchenAid stand mixers features adjustable slicing levers. Thus, it allows customers to process and slice foods into different sizes. This attachment includes a shredding disc, a slicing disc, a dicing kit, a case, and also a julienne disc.

KSMPEXTA gourmet pasta press attachment
This attachment is an excellent choice for pasta lovers. It fits perfectly with any KitchenAid stand mixer. Priced at around $130, it features six interchangeable pasta plates and comes with a cleaning tool, pusher, and pasta press. The product features six easily and quickly changeable discs that help the user prepare spaghetti, rigatoni, small or large macaroni, and fusilli in a few minutes.

Thus, it is now easy to make delicious food, desserts, and ice creams with these KitchenAid accessories and mixer attachments, including the KitchenAid mixer attachments for ice creams. You can use these KitchenAid mixer accessories to cook, serve, and relish a variety of dishes. Thus, it makes cooking easy and hassle-free for any user.

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