3 white kitchen appliance bundles for your home

3 white kitchen appliance bundles for your home

Most stores sell bundles or packages of kitchen appliances that include everything a homeowner needs to set up their kitchen in one shot. These days, people usually opt for stainless steel kitchen appliances or devices that are black in color. White-colored kitchen appliances are gradually losing their charm. However, some stores continue to carry these classic white-colored kitchen appliance bundles that can instantly brighten up anyone’s kitchen space. Let’s take a look at some white kitchen appliance bundles that are currently available in the market.

  • Kenmore Electric Range and Over-the-range Microwave Bundle: This Kenmore electric oven and microwave bundle can get your kitchen going as it has some powerful kitchen appliances. These devices are sure to help you cook delicious meals, quickly and easily. The electric range’s ceramic glass surface provides a lot of versatility, and the over-the-range microwave frees up a lot of much-needed counter space. Moreover, the microwave comes with a self-cleaning option.
  • Kenmore Gas Range and over the range Microwave Bundle: The Kenmore gas range and microwave bundle can help you add more finesse and flair to your cooking. The four sealed burners offer versatility with features like 14,200 BTU power burners and a low flame simmer burner. The easy to use controls help users obtain the ideal temperature for both the range and the oven. It also comes with warm and hold settings that let you keep your food warm right until the moment when you are ready to serve it.
  • GE White Appliance Package: The GE White Appliance Package comes with a GE Frost-Free Top Freezer white refrigerator, a GE Free-standing electric range, a GE Free-standing Gas range, a GE 24-inch Front Control Tall Tub Built-in Dishwasher, and a GE 1.6 cubic feet over-the-range Microwave. These devices are white in color, and they are sure to go along with the decor of any home quite spectacularly. Moreover, you can be sure about the quality of these appliances as they are manufactured by GE.

So, if you’re looking for a kitchen appliance bundle with white devices, these are the top picks of 2018. We’re sure that they’ll enhance the decor of your kitchen instantly.

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